What a beautiful little princess Nicolena was. Such a sweet, content baby with big baby blues. I've been needing my baby "fix" for quite some time. Now, I don't have to walk down the street gazing at new mommies holding their newborns, and reminiscing about those days 10+ years ago. Now, they come to my studio and I get to cuddle them, rock them, soothe them and even just gaze at them for an hour or so. I'm almost hesitant when I see them walk out my door, but I look forward to seeing them again, and capturing their milestones. There is something so calming about being around newborns. Not in the day, when I was taking care of 2 toddlers and a newborn, it seems there wasn't enough time to just sit back and enjoy the moment. It was always rush, rush, rush. Now, with my kids in school, I can focus on these precious gifts and enjoy every single ounce of them! Thank you for sharing your gift with me!

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